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My poems are 100 % mine.I write my own poems.Im a teenager.Whose been dealt a shitty hand.I write because I don't want people to feel sorry for me.If I told people these things that I write about they would feel sorry for me.The truth is if I wasn't put through half the stuff I was I wouldn't be emotionally strong.But on the other hand I would learn to love people, Not get scared when it comes to saying I love you to the people I care about.

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How Many-

How May times to I have to lose you to realize your not coming back
How many times do I need to cry for you and how many times do I need to pretend you didn’t love cocaine more that us kids before I realize it’s true.

How long will it take to forget you hurt me?
How long will it take to convince myself I’m nothing like you, even though I look in the mirror and I see more of you then I want to.

Why wouldn’t you love me like I loved you and why didn’t you see how much you hurt me

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