Thea Smalley

Rookie (6/30/1976)

Biography of Thea Smalley

Born in Connecticut, raised in New York, Thea grew up known as Jill. At the age of 16 she decided that she preferred her middle name and decided from then on, new people would call her Thea. As a child, Thea found more pleasure in books and reading than in people. Early on her parents noticed that she was different from her sisters and were concerned. At the age of 8, they decided that she should see a therapist. Thea resisted therapy and the doctor told her parents that unfortunately they wouldn't be able to work with her. It wasn't until she was graduating high school when she realized the pleasure she got from writing poetry. It wasn't until she was turning 30 when she realized that she needed therapy. Thea is unsure if she wants to see her work published formally as she is very sensitive to criticism.

Thea Smalley's Works:

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She walks the hallways
of everyday,

She fades into the background,
a chameleon blending in,
one face among many,
she becomes her shadow.

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