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Inspiring Change (Dedicated To Barack Obama)

This is a small dedication to Barack Obama, the Democratic U.S. Presidential Candidate. I am not sure if he is going to win the nomination, not sure if he is going to be the President of U.S.A. But the way he has run his campaign is laudable and the way he has been able to inspire his supporters with his rhetoric is commendable.

Dedicated to Barack Obama:

Adapting Is Fun..

As my niece was preparing for CAT, I found her getting depressed, due to the heavy load and by the thought if she could really get through it.

I wrote few verses, which could be of use to her and people like her. I dedicate these verse to her.

Learn To Plan..

/* On the eve of my daughter's birthday some thoughts dedicated to her, as she is growing up. */

Words against vice or words of the wise
Whether it sounds nasty, neutral or nice

Miss You Michael Jackson..

Michael Jackson, we miss you

More than the soft-drink that set your hair on fire
We loved you; your music’s flavor

The Raining Sun..

The sun woke up in one eye

So What Dear..?

/* Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. A few thoughts dedicated to her */

They said for thirty days lust is the glue
And in the next thirty love is the brew

The Time Lion..

Neither in Random, Nor one by one
Time Lion hunts after everyone!
Everyday as a new day is born
Nearer it comes, to catch us if it can!

Learn To Enjoy!

Today is my daughter's Birthday. As she is entering the middle of her teens, I dedicate these thoughts to her.

Not in a substance one can find
Not in the nadir of nirvana mind

I Can Stop The Rain..

I can stop the rain
I can stop the shine

Slumdog Billionaire..

/* Some thoughts on Slumdogs in our mind */

Lost in the wilderness, their sullen spirit
Suppressed and Surpassed in their grit