Thembakazi Luvuno

Rookie [Thembakazi] (90/12/31 / South Africa)

Biography of Thembakazi Luvuno

I'm word escaping through the veins of the plant I moisten. I am song, vapouring at the day's unpleasant heat. I am pen and paper fused to reveal the truth to be known. I am a young black journalist. I am a budding poet. I am a daughter of the most High God. I am DewDawn. I am Thembakazi...

Thembakazi Luvuno's Works:

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Ixesha Lam

Earth to earth and dust to dust; I refuse to return as a story half told.
Release me into being, exhale me into life, release me to the I am.
This is my story as it begun, to the now and I refuse that this be the end.
The sole of my feet has scratched the earth’s surface in quest to live.
My heart has bled and been glad, bitter-sweet at times; this is the life I have lived.
These palms have written and told, even re-lived the chapters of my up-bringing and these eyes live to tell the tale.

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