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  • '''Cheaters are a different breed. Some would do ANYTHING to win or get ahead'''
    The things i have learned on line.
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  • '''With each new wave - another dream'
    'With each new tide - fulfillment' - - - Theo Onken''
    My love of the ocean and the peace and serenity it brings.
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  • '''There is nothing more beautiful than ' ANYTHING' seen through the eyes of love' - - - -Theodora Onken''
    Looking at life with 'LOVE' in your Soul.
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  • '''The size of a persons ego is often determined by the things they do to get ahead.For instance, stepping on others toes or knocking others out of their way to achieve what THEY WANT. It does not phase them one iota'.- - - -Theodora Onken''
    Dealing with this narcissist's on a daily basis has taught me so much about their true nature. They are truly self - centered! The world revolves around them and only them. Others do not count - they are simply things that need to be moved out of their way.
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Ah, But Sweet Love

Ah, but such bitter sweet power
Your hands thy doth hold
For love to be this heavenly
Or mere memory to be this bold

Frantic, i am with worry
For i am under thy spell
I've found myself engulfed and entwined
In thine most beguiling of wishing wells

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