Silver Star - 3,171 Points [jesusatcalvary]


1. Love Is 4/28/2015
2. Your Eyes 4/28/2015
3. The Eyes Of A Dove 4/28/2015
4. The Moon Is Still There 4/28/2015
5. The Uniform Of Justice (Black Lives Dont Matter) 5/27/2015
6. A Flame Of Love 6/2/2015
7. Sea Of Love 6/5/2015
8. A Rose Of Love 6/8/2015
9. Whisper Softly 6/10/2015
10. The Piano And The Rose 6/11/2015
11. Your Eiffel Tower Of Love 6/12/2015
12. Within A Dream 6/16/2015
13. Your Rhapsody Of Love 6/17/2015
14. Mother Emanuel 6/19/2015
15. Imitation Of Life 6/23/2015
16. Eyes Of Fire 6/24/2015
17. The Blood 5/5/2015
18. The Moon In The Water 5/6/2015
19. The Red Sea 5/7/2015
20. Princess (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) 5/8/2015
21. The Rain And I (Tears Of Love) 5/11/2015
22. A Mother To Love 4/30/2015
23. Stays At My Side (A Mother's Love) 4/30/2015
24. Black Lives Matter 11/13/2015
25. Distant Love 11/13/2015
26. A Black Man 1/19/2016
27. Blood On The Moon (A Tribute To Selma) 1/19/2016
28. Challenge Me (A Tribute To Black Women) 1/19/2016
29. Come Fight With Me 1/19/2016
30. His Hands On You 1/19/2016
31. On The Mountaintop (A Tribute To Mlk Jr) 1/19/2016
32. Times Of Life 1/25/2016
33. Inside Her Heart(Dedicated To My Wife) 2/1/2016
34. Mary Hattie Graham Turner 2/1/2016
35. Symone Nicole Marshall (Texas) 5/18/2016
36. Born Without Time 12/16/2016
37. Can You Hear Me 12/16/2016
38. Remember Me 12/16/2016
39. Lost In Love 12/16/2016
40. A Tribute To Prince Rogers Nelson 12/16/2016

I Can'T Breathe

My life is not mine to sojourn with others, as I live within my corridors of hatred.

I hear the silent thoughts of others, with temptations of actions that burn their desires.

Created in time, I became the insults of emotions that penetrated the features of mankind.

I can't breathe when I talk to my children about life that disposes them to unheralded death.

Escaping a dream to bring forth the calculated calligraphy, I expose them to the surveillance of my mind.

Without endangerment I succumb to their prison and freefall to the explanation...

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Treasures Hidden

Carved out of the mountains in time where we lived came the chains of transformation
The hills of restoration and conservation became burial grounds for the first chapter.
Detained and destitute we watched the stars disappear in the eyes of our captors.
Forsaken and removed to the next chapter we endured seas of graves for the weak.
The life I owned is now owned by hands of fatal mentors that tell me I am not worthy.
I am a treasure hidden in the darkness of another's demo

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