Silver Star - 3,034 Points [jesusatcalvary]


81. Sleeping In Her Mirage 2/17/2017
82. Above The Storm -new- 9/14/2017
83. Beauty Comes From Within -new- 9/14/2017
84. Bed Of Sex -new- 9/14/2017
85. Behold Thy Mother -new- 9/14/2017
86. Black Panther -new- 9/14/2017
87. Black Woman -new- 9/14/2017
88. Can I Kiss You -new- 9/14/2017
89. Civil Rights -new- 9/14/2017
90. Commitment -new- 9/14/2017
91. Controls Me -new- 9/14/2017
92. Crying Heart -new- 9/14/2017
93. Enchantress -new- 9/14/2017
94. Grass Is Not Greener -new- 9/14/2017
95. Heaven Looked For You -new- 9/14/2017
96. Hell -new- 9/14/2017
97. Her Smile -new- 9/15/2017
98. Her Walk -new- 9/15/2017
99. I Can Stop -new- 9/15/2017
100. Into The Darkness -new- 9/15/2017
101. Is This Real -new- 9/15/2017
102. Let Me Go -new- 9/15/2017
103. Lied To Me -new- 9/15/2017
104. Make Me Do -new- 9/15/2017
105. Midnight -new- 9/15/2017
106. Night Falls -new- 9/15/2017
107. Ocean -new- 9/15/2017
108. Rapture Her Body -new- 9/15/2017
109. Resurrection Sunday -new- 9/15/2017
110. Sands Of Time -new- 9/15/2017
111. Shades Of Love -new- 9/15/2017
112. She Did Not -new- 9/18/2017
113. Sitting By The Lake -new- 9/18/2017
114. The Day Before 2/22/2017
115. Black History Our History 2/22/2017
116. Breeze Of Her Walk 3/2/2017
117. Queen Of The Nile 3/3/2017
118. You Did This To Me 3/6/2017
119. I Am Not Worthy (Naika Venant) 3/16/2017
120. An Icon (Ms Angela Davis) 3/24/2017

I Can'T Breathe

My life is not mine to sojourn with others, as I live within my corridors of hatred.

I hear the silent thoughts of others, with temptations of actions that burn their desires.

Created in time, I became the insults of emotions that penetrated the features of mankind.

I can't breathe when I talk to my children about life that disposes them to unheralded death.

Escaping a dream to bring forth the calculated calligraphy, I expose them to the surveillance of my mind.

Without endangerment I succumb to their prison and freefall to the explanation...

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Your Eyes

When we look at you, we see the ocean dancing with the moon in your eyes.

The poetry of your skin causes fires as you walk through the waters of life.

We see your curves dismantling the overture of lips with your reward of kisses.

Escaping the volcanos of desires, your body becomes entombed with movements.

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