Silver Star - 3,171 Points [jesusatcalvary]


121. Anger Within 3/24/2017
122. Dark And Beautiful 3/24/2017
123. Flowers Of Love 3/24/2017
124. You Are 3/24/2017
125. You Belong To Another 3/24/2017
126. Treasure Within 9/19/2017
127. Trees Of Nature 9/19/2017
128. What If 9/19/2017
129. Your Breeze 9/20/2017
130. Black Rose 9/20/2017
131. The Way She Moves 9/20/2017
132. Hurricane 9/20/2017
133. Damaged Heart 9/27/2017
134. The Doors Of Our Lives 11/17/2015
135. Sanctified 11/19/2015
136. Your Glory Without End 12/17/2015
137. A Man In Time (Tribute To Nelson Mandela) 11/20/2014
138. In The Storm Of The Night 12/4/2014
139. Treasures Hidden 12/15/2014
140. Where Are We Headed 4/30/2015
141. We Live Here 6/26/2015
142. Streets Of Time (Paul Gaston) 2/26/2016
143. We Cry Out 11/16/2015
144. Tulsa (Black Wall Street Massacre) 5/15/2015
145. The Color Of Our Skin 2/22/2017
146. Today (George Junius Stinney Jr) 1/14/2016
147. Cries In The Night 4/30/2015
148. Contrite Heart 9/28/2017
149. African Queen 3/30/2017
150. Taken From Home 9/18/2017
151. Trees Dancing In The Moonlight 12/15/2014
152. I Can'T Breathe 4/30/2015

I Can'T Breathe

My life is not mine to sojourn with others, as I live within my corridors of hatred.

I hear the silent thoughts of others, with temptations of actions that burn their desires.

Created in time, I became the insults of emotions that penetrated the features of mankind.

I can't breathe when I talk to my children about life that disposes them to unheralded death.

Escaping a dream to bring forth the calculated calligraphy, I expose them to the surveillance of my mind.

Without endangerment I succumb to their prison and freefall to the explanation...

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Your Eyes

When we look at you, we see the ocean dancing with the moon in your eyes.

The poetry of your skin causes fires as you walk through the waters of life.

We see your curves dismantling the overture of lips with your reward of kisses.

Escaping the volcanos of desires, your body becomes entombed with movements.

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