Bronze Star - 2,444 Points [jesusatcalvary]


81. Sleeping In Her Mirage 2/17/2017
82. The Day Before 2/22/2017
83. Black History Our History 2/22/2017
84. Breeze Of Her Walk 3/2/2017
85. Queen Of The Nile 3/3/2017
86. You Did This To Me 3/6/2017
87. I Am Not Worthy (Naika Venant) 3/16/2017
88. An Icon (Ms Angela Davis) 3/24/2017
89. Anger Within 3/24/2017
90. Dark And Beautiful 3/24/2017
91. Flowers Of Love 3/24/2017
92. You Are 3/24/2017
93. You Belong To Another 3/24/2017
94. The Doors Of Our Lives 11/17/2015
95. Sanctified 11/19/2015
96. Your Glory Without End 12/17/2015
97. A Man In Time (Tribute To Nelson Mandela) 11/20/2014
98. In The Storm Of The Night 12/4/2014
99. Treasures Hidden 12/15/2014
100. Where Are We Headed 4/30/2015
101. We Live Here 6/26/2015
102. Streets Of Time (Paul Gaston) 2/26/2016
103. We Cry Out 11/16/2015
104. Tulsa (Black Wall Street Massacre) 5/15/2015
105. The Color Of Our Skin 2/22/2017
106. Today (George Junius Stinney Jr) 1/14/2016
107. Cries In The Night 4/30/2015
108. African Queen 3/30/2017
109. Trees Dancing In The Moonlight 12/15/2014
110. I Can'T Breathe 4/30/2015

I Can'T Breathe

My life is not mine to sojourn with others, as I live within my corridors of hatred.

I hear the silent thoughts of others, with temptations of actions that burn their desires.

Created in time, I became the insults of emotions that penetrated the features of mankind.

I can't breathe when I talk to my children about life that disposes them to unheralded death.

Escaping a dream to bring forth the calculated calligraphy, I expose them to the surveillance of my mind.

Without endangerment I succumb to their prison and freefall to the explanation...

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The Moon Is Still There

The stars are crying in the night for the Milky Way to caress the speed of light returning to earth.

Running from space the meteor collapsed on the clouds and the rain began to submerge notes of love.

When the eclipse of the night subsided, the doors of heaven carried the Palladian of hearts to victory.

The moon is still there when the winds of the night captured the solar of the sun beaming upwards.

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