Theodosia Garrison

(1874-1944 / United States)

Theodosia Garrison Poems

41. The Parasite 4/21/2010
42. The Soul Of Jeanne D'Arc 4/21/2010
43. The Gypsying 4/21/2010
44. A Song 4/21/2010
45. Mothers Of Men 4/21/2010
46. Old Boats 4/21/2010
47. Heart Of A Hundred Sorrows 4/21/2010
48. A Salem Mother 4/21/2010
49. A Love Song 1/4/2003
50. Magdalen 4/21/2010
51. The April Boughs 4/21/2010
52. Twilight 4/21/2010
53. The Wedding Gown 4/21/2010
54. Shade 4/21/2010
55. Stains 1/4/2003

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The three ghosts on the lonesome road
   Spake each to one another,
"Whence came that stain about your mouth
   No lifted hand may cover?"
"From eating of forbidden fruit,
   Brother, my brother."

The three ghosts on the sunless road
   Spake each to one another,
"Whence came that red burn on your foot
   No dust nor ash may cover?"
"I stamped a neighbor's hearth-flame out,
   Brother, my brother."

The three ghosts on the windless road ...

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The Tears Of Harlequin

To you he gave his laughter and his jest,
His words that of all words were merriest,
   His glad, mad moments when the lights flared high
And his wild song outshrilled the plaudits' din.
   For you that memory, but happier I --
I, who have known the tears of Harlequin.

Not mine those moments when the roses lay
Like red spilled wine on his triumphant way,

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