Theodosia Garrison

(1874-1944 / United States)

Theodosia Garrison Poems

41. Youth 4/21/2010
42. The Parasite 4/21/2010
43. The Soul Of Jeanne D'Arc 4/21/2010
44. The Gypsying 4/21/2010
45. Mothers Of Men 4/21/2010
46. Old Boats 4/21/2010
47. Heart Of A Hundred Sorrows 4/21/2010
48. A Song 4/21/2010
49. A Love Song 1/4/2003
50. Magdalen 4/21/2010
51. The April Boughs 4/21/2010
52. Twilight 4/21/2010
53. Stains 1/4/2003
54. Shade 4/21/2010
55. The Wedding Gown 4/21/2010
Best Poem of Theodosia Garrison

The Wedding Gown

She put her wedding-gown away
As tenderly as one might close,
With kissing lips and finger-tips,
The petals of a rose
Still held for the Belovèd's sake—
The loveliest that blows.

She put her wedding-gown away
The quiet place was all astir
With vague perfume that filled the room,
Cedar and lavender,
Yet sweeter still about it clung
The fragrant thoughts of her.

She put her wedding-gown away
Yet lingered where its whiteness gleamed
As one above a sleeping Love,
Oh, thus it was she seemed,
Reluctant still to turn and go
And leave him as ...

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A Song

I am as weary as a child
That weeps upon its mother's breast
For joy of comforting. But I
Have no such place to rest.

I am as weary as a bird
Blown by wild winds far out to sea
When it regains its nest. But, Oh,
There waits no nest for me.

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