TheSilent Loudness

TheSilent Loudness Poems

1. Our Mission... In Short 1/26/2012
2. That Girl 1/27/2012
3. Furry Little One 1/28/2012
4. The Star That Is You 1/28/2012
5. Whatever Comes Next 1/29/2012
6. Forbidden Fruit 1/30/2012
7. To My 'Valentine', A Bittersweet Sonnet 2/13/2012
8. Stand Up To The Fear 1/27/2012
9. The Six Of Them 2/14/2012
10. You Rocked My World 3/10/2012
11. Makes Me Sick (What Normal Should Be) 3/26/2012
12. New 4/12/2012
13. Guilt 4/13/2012
14. Stress 4/13/2012
15. Friday The Thirteenth 4/13/2012
16. An Empty Hourglass 4/13/2012
17. Feel 4/14/2012
18. Her Or You (Worst Day, A Day Where I Hid) 4/24/2012
19. Those Who'Ve Come 7/18/2012
20. The Dance 7/18/2012
21. The Meeting 8/31/2012
22. Don'T Cry, Big Brother 9/29/2012
23. Little Black Glasses 12/26/2012
24. Stories 1/9/2013
25. Page Two 1/10/2013
26. Words 2/20/2013
27. Perhaps 3/2/2013
28. Since I Met You 3/4/2013
29. Stories- A Revision 4/25/2013
30. Keep Open Eyes 8/12/2013
31. Darling, Not Mine 8/14/2013
32. Talent 8/30/2013
33. Loving Smoke And Mirror 9/9/2013
34. Depression To Stay Awake By 9/9/2013
35. Crap, I Can'T Sleep 9/9/2013
36. Thursday The Twelfth 9/13/2013
37. Circus Girl 9/13/2013
38. Faraway Darling 9/13/2013
39. Crooked Grief 9/23/2013
40. Forgotten Son 9/29/2013
Best Poem of TheSilent Loudness

'Being Different'

What's normal to you is perplexing to me
What you see as strange is my daily routine
I watch all the glares you think I don't see
I'd like you to stop, but I know you won't leave

It's sad, it's a shame, it's truly a waste
That your body remains, still taking up space
That you continue to breathe your spiteful breath
All the years of hatred-can you give it a rest?

You're society, the'in-crowd', the popular few
That fail to realize us outcasts are here too
So from your mouth when hatred is fleeing
Just remember: we're not really being different, We're ...

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Femme Fatality (Tbc)

and when i hear Her scream it's like she's clawing her way out of my own lungs,
standing on the knot in my throat, clutching after my tongue
when i see Her out at night with all that writing on her arm
the cobblestones beneath Her seem to grind her heels and heart

Her voice, hoarse from calling for an inquisition into Her disposition
Her laugh, contrived:
incapable of being restored by the efforts of every
clickbait fake 'feminist' online combined

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