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121. I Hear Outside My Window 9/8/2012
122. I Can Live Day To Day (Thank You) 11/3/2012
123. A Dream Of Me 9/29/2016
124. Off The Golden Cliff 12/18/2014
125. I'm With You In New York (Tbc) 10/21/2017
126. I Find Myself Somewhere In The Dust 3/24/2018
127. My Lord, My God, My Vision, My Imagination 4/13/2018
128. A Bad Poem About Your Guts And New York City 1/9/2018
129. You'Re Not Allowed To Attend My Funeral 3/17/2015
130. Happysadness 10/6/2013
131. Excitement Of Love 1/26/2012
132. The Porn Star 11/20/2013
133. In My Flight 9/2/2012
134. To You 10/8/2014
135. I Am 4/15/2014
136. I Mean Thanks 12/18/2014
137. In My Dreams 4/13/2012
138. 'Being Different' 2/28/2012

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'Being Different'

What's normal to you is perplexing to me
What you see as strange is my daily routine
I watch all the glares you think I don't see
I'd like you to stop, but I know you won't leave

It's sad, it's a shame, it's truly a waste
That your body remains, still taking up space
That you continue to breathe your spiteful breath
All the years of hatred-can you give it a rest?

You're society, the'in-crowd', the popular few
That fail to realize us outcasts are here too
So from your mouth when hatred is fleeing
Just remember: we're not really being different, We're ...

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Those That Matter

The ones we care about the most
The ones who touch our hearts and souls
Those few that have all the power to show
The way to true happiness and freedom

Those few were taken right from us
Without a fight, without a fuss
They knew right then their time had come
They left without a word, no explanation

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