Thia Stockman

Rookie (October 7th,1990 / Manchester, CT)

Biography of Thia Stockman

Hi, my name is Thia Stockman. I'm a fifteen year old Sophmore, and as you've probably guessed, I am a writer. I write poetry, stories, songs, just about anything. I also like to do art, water color being one of my favorite media's.
I am in foster care, and have been since Febuary 7th,2006. I won't go into detail as to why, but I can tell you that most of my writing is based on it. To tell you the truth, I have slowed down with my writing. I used to write a poem almost everyday, and since my father took all of my poems (and plans on using my most private thoughts against me in court) , I have almost been affraid to pick up a pen and paper and write. I am gradually getting my gift back, but who knows.
The poems that are titled 'I want, I know', 'Look in the mirror', 'The Dragon' and 'engulfing hate' were all either written about or for my father. The others are written about someone I truley care for. Someone I wish I could give the moon to.
I know people say that 'kids' can't 'love' someone, but if that is true, than please explain to me that feeling between a child and their parent, that warm feeling when your mother or father wraps their arms around you, and it feels like there is no wrong in the world. I believe that you can share this feeling with others, who are not your parents. I share that with him, although right now we cannot be together, I will always have that feeling. All humans have the ability to love, and have feelings, its the people who are raised to hide these feelings that we must worry for. Some people question if a person really loves them, or cares for them, and to them I say, you truley know. Even if they do not express it to you in the proper way, which they might not know how to, they still care.
I also believe that what occurs in your past does not have to decide who you are in the present, but it does affect you. Like a friend of mine told me 'I am cold becuase of where I live, who I live with, everything I deal with.' But to him I say, these things do not have to hold you back or define you, you have to have the strength to pull threw, to make it past what society tells you (who to be) .
Anyway, that was just alittle trip into my thoughts. I guess all I can say now is to read my poems to get deeper into my thoughts and feelings.

Thia Stockman's Works:

I have none published, but am currently working on my book titled 'Just in Time' Updates

I Want, I Know

I'm sitting here wanting,
wanting the truth,
wanting freedom.
I just want...

I want to know,
I want to see,
I want someone to be,
be the person who helps me.

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