Thistle Wargul

Thistle Wargul Poems

41. Last Chance* 5/29/2009
42. The Wise Forgive 5/29/2009
43. Seperate Ways* 6/25/2009
44. Grow Up* 9/1/2009
45. My Dad 9/4/2009
46. Beaten 9/13/2009
47. Watch Over Me* 2/15/2010
48. Call My Name 3/19/2010
49. You Can'T* 5/27/2010
50. Look Mum! 11/11/2007
51. Dance Of The Weasel 11/11/2007
52. Springtime 11/11/2007
53. Song Thrush 11/11/2007
54. War Is Over 11/11/2007
55. The Day You Died 11/11/2007
56. Just A Minute 11/11/2007
57. Depression 11/11/2007
58. Chain Reaction 11/11/2007
59. Bully 11/11/2007
60. Kidnapped 4/2/2008
61. Stop The Fighting 11/4/2008
62. The Silver Wolf 10/26/2008
63. Believe* 5/17/2008
64. Not Just A Pretty Face 5/29/2009
65. Long Lost Friend 11/11/2007
66. I'M Being Bullied! 11/11/2007
67. School's Out 7/20/2008
68. Is There A Point? 2/11/2008
69. Starry Night Sky 10/11/2008
70. I Could Never Hateyou 9/13/2008
71. Goodbye* 3/31/2008
72. Tear Drop 1/18/2008
73. Mothers' Day 11/11/2007
74. A Boy Named Jack 5/29/2009
75. Fallen Angel 7/20/2008

Comments about Thistle Wargul

  • Kyle Minthorn (4/18/2016 3:38:00 PM)

    My name is Kyle and I am an amateur composer. I only do it for fun and make no money off it, so I hope you dont mind if I use you for inspiration. I was inspired by Dance of the Weasel and I wrote a short piano solo. I don't think I could capture the poem truly, and I took the words very literally. You can view it here: https: //
    Keep up the poems, you've got a beautiful, albeit meloncholy, way with words

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  • Pasquale Tullio (2/16/2011 10:56:00 PM)

    I sorry you are going tru this. You do not deserve one does. I hope thing changes for you and things get better.
    I tried emailing you directly but it no work. I like your poem but they show much pain, Im sad for that: (

Best Poem of Thistle Wargul

Fallen Angel

When will you listen?
When will you hear?
When will the shell you live in
Finally disappear?
The light is penetrating
Your long forgotten past.
Open your emotions,
This chance could be your last.

When will you win?
When will you lose?
When will you apologise
To those that you abuse?
The hate that’s running through you veins,
Is burning you with fire.
Don’t wait for it to fill you up,
Keep on climbing higher.

I am the fallen angel
Invisible while I fly.
Guardian of the Earth,
The justice and the right.
I’m the one ...

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Mothers' Day

It’s mothers day, it’s mothers day,
And not a day to weep,
Its mothers day, not brothers day’
And there’s no time to time to sleep,

The birds all shout in joy,
That the greatest gift of all,
Is some one who cares,
And a some one who loves,

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