Thoithoi Tongbram

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Thoithoi Tongbram Poems

1. A True Love Can Bury It 3/11/2014
2. Only If It's Meant To Be 3/11/2014
3. Don'T Let Go 3/11/2014
4. Your Heart's Solace 3/11/2014
5. See You Again 3/11/2014
6. What Do I Do 3/11/2014
7. Within You Naini(Tal) 3/11/2014
8. Rest In Peace, Bajihan 3/11/2014
9. A Stranger I Hardly Understand 3/11/2014
10. A Millionaire's First Love 3/11/2014
11. All I Can Understand 3/11/2014
12. All Or Nothing 3/11/2014
13. I Love You 3/11/2014
14. Just Hit It Again 3/11/2014
15. Merci Bien 3/11/2014
16. A Big Question 3/11/2014
17. Something Forever 3/11/2014
18. The Coming Of Summer 3/11/2014
19. This One Heart 3/11/2014
20. Where I Always Stand 3/11/2014
21. Oh! Mr. Drunkard! 3/11/2014
22. An Untold Story 3/11/2014
23. Finding My Love 3/11/2014
24. Love 3/11/2014
25. Miles Away1 3/11/2014
26. Missing Your Presence 3/11/2014
27. My Lullaby 3/11/2014
28. When Everything Else Ends 3/11/2014
29. Que Sera Sera 3/11/2014
30. An Empty Wallet 2/16/2014
31. We Will Meet Again 3/11/2014
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We Will Meet Again

You never failed to amaze me.
Everytime you said something to me.
And every now and then I keep thinking about you.
I don't know what's so special in you.
But i enjoyed our days together
Though we were never that close together.
And I'd always hoped and longed for more,
Keeeping you as close as I can in my heart's core.
Now it pains me to think that we part ways here
That we are being separated for life, it's what I

And this time my heart won't be able to heal.
The pain, a thousand times magnified.
My dreams, only waiting to be realised.
I ...

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Your Heart's Solace

I wondered for days and night.
I doubted if I'll ever win this fight,
For facing the odds against me
Was the only way to you for me.

You tried shoving me back.
I tried getting back on track.
You had a heart of stone.
Or, so you made me believe.

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