Thomas Booth

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Biography of Thomas Booth

I am just a guy who has always had a knack for putting how I feel into words, I can write more positive but I tend to write more of my darker feelings. I have never had any type of classes or been taught much about poetry i just enjoy it. I never usually share any of my poetry but i thought it would be nice to get feedback just for once.

Thank you for all comments, means a lot. Updates

No Future Is Set

Lost in the darkness, fighting for light,
Only surviving is on my mind,
I've lost something precious, I've already cried,
Its time to move forward, without you in my mind.

No future is set, im no longer blind,
I can see forward, the future is mine,
I won't forget, you will stay on my mind,
But now im stronger, il break free from those binds.

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