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Rookie (1950 / Seattle)

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Thomas Hadley poet

Thom Hadley, (a.k.a. “Torg”) , made his first on-stage appearance at age three, modeling “for the young set” in tennis togs from Frederick & Nelson's in Bellevue, Washington, and the acting bug must've bitten him hard right then. In high school he stole the show for a few minutes in “The Madwoman of Chaillot”, and the power of that applause has stuck with him to this very day.
Whilst attending Fairhaven College at W.W.U., he hitch-hiked through Europe and spent the winter of '71 working on a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip. On the way back toward home, he lived and worked in Germany. Finishing up his Bachelor of Arts in English Lit., he honed his poetic craft and completed Teacher training as well. He took on jobs as a grill and sous-Chef, house painter, bar tender/bouncer, and even as a barge clerk during construction of an off-shore platform in “Kalifornia”.
Needing to make ends meet in a tough economy, he found himself in the Army as a Combat Engineer NCO, serving eight years in relatively peaceful times. Service can be rough on a body, so after an honorable discharge for service-connected injuries, he landed in the U.S. Postal Service as a clerk and then as a maintenance mechanic. Heeding a higher calling, he earned his Master of Science Degree in Education in '01.
He was invited to audition for The Roving Players of Kingston as “Murray the Cop” in The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, and the applause he received for his New Yawk-accented, fussbudget characterization awoke the magic within that had been hibernating. He caught fire as a natural actor and reveled on stage. His first TV commercial was in '05 as a Norski fisherman for a Taco Time Fish Taco spot. He was finally spotted by Tony Watkins of Dominion Pictures and cast as Sergeant Hogan in Mall Robbers, an Indie comedy-of-errors which premiered at the Lincoln Theatre in Mt. Vernon, WA, June 29th, '07. He is awaiting '08 production for Watkins' third Indie comedy in '08. In January '08 he is scheduled to shoot new scenes for the ghostly/thriller pilot “The Haunted” and to begin “The Thirteenth Step”, a thriller about two brothers' battle with an evil coven, both films being developed by Thaddeus Byrd of Meddling Kids' Production Company in Seattle.

Thomas Hadley's Works:

selected poems in 'Apotheosis' at http: // Updates

Spontaneous Drum Song

i like to eat gobbets of meat
stripped steamin' from the bone
i like a fire burning bright
a nice and toasty, cozy home

i feel my heart shining light
when i leave my mind alone
i feel alive, i feel no fright
when i know i'm always Home

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