Thomas Hardy

(2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928 / Dorchester / England)

Thomas Hardy Poems

121. In Vision I Roamed 12/31/2002
122. His Visitor 4/10/2010
123. The Garden Seat 4/10/2010
124. Places 4/10/2010
125. Her Song 4/10/2010
126. The Dame Of Athelhall 1/4/2003
127. Rome: On The Palatine. 1/1/2004
128. Self- Unconscious 4/10/2010
129. At A House In Hampstead Sometime The Dwelling Of John Keats 4/10/2010
130. Mismet 1/3/2003
131. Before And After Summer 4/10/2010
132. After The Visit 4/10/2010
133. The Going Of The Battery [wive's Lament November 2nd 1899] 4/10/2010
134. The Moth-Signal (On Egdon Heath) 4/10/2010
135. At Day-Close In November 4/10/2010
136. The Curtains Now Are Drawn 4/10/2010
137. In The Old Theatre, Fiesole (April, 1887) 1/4/2003
138. Middle-Age Enthusiasms 12/31/2002
139. Unknowing 12/31/2002
140. She, To Him, Iii 1/3/2003
141. Long Plighted 1/4/2003
142. Rom: On The Palatine (April, 1887) 1/4/2003
143. The Colonel's Soliloquy (Southampton Docks: October, 1899) 1/4/2003
144. Seen By The Waits 4/10/2010
145. She, To Him, Ii 1/3/2003
146. Lines 12/31/2002
147. The Inconsistent 1/4/2003
148. A Woman's Fancy 4/10/2010
149. At A Bridal 12/31/2002
150. Leipzig 12/31/2002
151. Cardinal Bembo's Epitaph On Raphael 1/4/2003
152. To Lizbie Browne 1/4/2003
153. The Bedridden Peasant To An Unknown God 1/4/2003
154. She, To Him, Iv 1/3/2003
155. Rome: The Vatican--Sala Delle Muse (1887) 1/4/2003
156. The Levelled Churchyard 1/4/2003
157. The Missed Train 4/10/2010
158. Her Late Husband (King's-Hintock, 182-.) 1/4/2003
159. Sapphic Fragment 1/4/2003
160. In Time Of 1/1/2004

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  • kyle finch (1/15/2019 3:02:00 AM)

    im gay i like boys i dream about boys i just love boys

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  • John shank (5/28/2018 10:41:00 PM)

    Watching Ken Burns: the Civil War, on Netflix, a Thomas Hardy poem about 2 enemy soldiers who under different circumstances could have shared a drink, was referenced. I would like to know the name of the poem.

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  • Nonono (11/29/2017 5:04:00 AM)

    Could you possibly do anything worse to brilliant poetry than have it read by this hideous transatlantic robotic voice? No wonder people don't think they like poetry. Pay an actor to do it properly or don't have a sound clip at all.

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  • Ed Baidya Baidya (12/18/2015 3:35:00 AM)

    'Ah, I was wondering what would break first: your spirit, or your body! '-Thomas Hardy.Bane

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  • Ed Baidya Baidya (12/18/2015 3:32:00 AM)

    Thomas hardy was sick in mad max: fury road

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    I like. I am going to use it to teach styles in Form three class. beautiful. I wish I could get an analysis from you before I try doing it my way.

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  • Arthur Tugman (11/5/2011 4:51:00 PM)

    To every failure there’s Hell
    and all success is heavenly.
    - Arthur Tugman

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  • Arthur Tugman (11/5/2011 4:46:00 PM)

    Come hither or go yon
    in your quest for success
    or else be content
    to dither in failure.
    - Arthur Tugman

    Come hither or go yon
    in your quest for success
    or else be content
    to dither in failure.
    - Arthur Tugman

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  • Maricel Padilla (6/13/2006 9:13:00 PM)

    Hi Thomas...........Hello...... How are you? this is Maricel from Philippines and i would like to tell you that you are very good and great so much in your poet......i like it very much........i hope you can tell me what is your secret there how to write a poet like that you wrote....ok...heheh joke only....cus you know i dont have yet one poet that i write here, its great for you........well anyway thomas thanks again for your very nice poet........ok takecare there always and have a nice to day to you there and to all...............see you! ! !

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Best Poem of Thomas Hardy

I Need Not Go

I need not go
Through sleet and snow
To where I know
She waits for me;
She will wait me there
Till I find it fair,
And have time to spare
From company.

When I've overgot
The world somewhat,
When things cost not
Such stress and strain,
Is soon enough
By cypress sough
To tell my Love
I am come again.

And if some day,
When none cries nay,
I still delay
To seek her side,
(Though ample measure
Of fitting leisure
Await my pleasure)
She will not chide.

What--not upbraid me
That I delayed ...

Read the full of I Need Not Go

The Dream-Follower

A dream of mine flew over the mead
   To the halls where my old Love reigns;
And it drew me on to follow its lead:
   And I stood at her window-panes;

And I saw but a thing of flesh and bone
   Speeding on to its cleft in the clay;
And my dream was scared, and expired on a moan,
   And I whitely hastened away.