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Thomas Howe Poems

1. Chance 3/27/2010
2. Without You 3/27/2010
3. Father Of A Cold World 3/27/2010
4. Help Me 3/27/2010
5. Walking In Shadows 3/27/2010
6. Lost 3/27/2010
7. The Cycle 3/28/2010
8. Agony 3/28/2010
9. Tired Of You 5/2/2010
10. Unspoken Words 5/2/2010
11. Love (One Way Only) 5/2/2010
12. Life 5/2/2010
13. Better Days 5/2/2010
14. Once More 5/2/2010
15. My Myth 6/18/2010
16. Weak 6/18/2010
17. When I Wake Up 8/29/2010
18. Changing Seasons 11/13/2008
19. Suicide By Death 11/13/2008
20. Deceived 11/14/2008
21. Destiny 11/18/2008
22. Passing Of The Storm 11/18/2008
23. Gone Like Wildfire 11/19/2008
24. The End Is Near 11/20/2008
25. Fear 3/27/2010
26. A Typical Day 3/27/2010
27. Reality Vs. Expectations 3/27/2010

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Best Poem of Thomas Howe

Reality Vs. Expectations

I can't take the mental strain
It's worse than any physical pain
We always expect the most
From the ones we hold close
Why do we have expectations
Reality has it's limitations
The sooner we figure this out
We will be better off, beyond a doubt
It shouldn't have to be this way
This world isn't black and white, it's gray
Only if I could see the future
I could gain some composure
Lets hope things become clear
Then I may persevere

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I hope you don’t care
But I like to stare
While you are asleep
Don’t think that I’m some creep
Because you are so lovable

You look so peaceful
And oh so beautiful
When you’re by me resting

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