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  • ''Don't live life by weight or measure but build by the rule and you will be sure to find pleasure.''
    The idea of measuring up to someone's expectations don't seem to go as expected. That said in itself is the idea our expectations are likely to be flawed. The General Rules you find in life through lessons learned shape our behavior the more lessons you learn the better off you will be. Speaking also from a construction standpoint. The more precise measurements (rule) you use the more satisfaction you will have when your work is completed for all to see.
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  • ''manifestum lumen ex intus''
    Light brings from within
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  • ''You do not gain by reducing nor will you ever, but you gain by knowing of all things reduced.''
    The source of wisdom is knowing that a source is from where it came and that source is reducible but never reduced. So it always will be as it always was and never will it not be. Will, Was, Never / Source, Know, Wisdom/ Good, Bad, Choice Light, Dark, Gravity, God, Son, Spirit All reduced to three leaves 1,3 never was 2 without 1 and never was 1 without 3
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  • ''The achievable is expanding at the rate of things known.''
    What we know determines the possible
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    Sometimes we forget we are human and prone to mistakes and errors. We try to be perfect and but on these shows in front of people. Many of use live our lives disconnected with who we really are.
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  • ''I have found myself digging to deep in some areas just to realize I should have been climbing to new heights''
    Was writing something about myself and this came to me.
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  • ''A revised law is a flawed law''
    The events in my life leading me to a life long conviction not justifiable in my eyes. My term was served my sentence was built upon lies, misunderstandings, and one sided upper hands. The truth was not utilized to reach judgment nor was the judgment explained to how it justifies such convictions.
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  • ''A story told to reach a new level is a lie, a story built reaches a new level even if it was never told.''
    In marketing with advertising their product they sell by telling you a story and you the viewer then desire to reach that level and you do just to realize they are not there with you and the story is fake.
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Best Poem of Thomas Kane

Heart Seed Of Love

Bare is the ground
One left to lonely ways
Day dawns and passes away
The same sorrow song
Dreams so close leaves one to wishes

Search for a soul and I found!
One left to their lonely ways
May it be wrong to excite in one's dismay
Perhaps but it won't last long
Dreams of a day with long shared kisses

Love be gathered as the seed
So here I sow with all my heart
Words rehearsed and once more played out
As my mouth opens the mind draws blank
I panic trip and stumble for a word

Audible noises is all that can be heard
Beet red as ...

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When you stumble so
Catch and try to go
For if you have fallen though
Just get up and know

We all fall down
A leaf run a ground
Blown all over town
As a face with a frown

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