Thomas McGrath

(1916 - 1990 / North Dakota / United States)

Thomas McGrath Poems

1. All the Dead Soldiers 5/29/2017
2. Anniversaries 5/29/2017
3. Beyond the Red River 5/29/2017
4. The Buffalo Coat 5/29/2017
5. Celebration for June 24 5/29/2017
6. Deep South 5/29/2017
7. Encounter 5/29/2017
8. The Little Odyssey of Jason Quint, of Science, Doctor 5/29/2017
9. Many in the Darkness 5/29/2017
10. Nocturne Militaire 5/29/2017
11. Ode for the American Dead in Asia 5/29/2017
12. Poem 5/29/2017
13. The Progress of the Soul 5/29/2017
14. The Topography of History 5/29/2017
15. Woodcut 5/29/2017
16. War Resisters' Song 5/29/2017
17. The Crippled Artist 5/29/2017
18. from Remembering That Island 5/29/2017
19. Poem 5/29/2017
20. Gone Away Blues 1/21/2015
21. A Coal Fire In Winter 1/15/2015
22. Such Simple Love 8/8/2015

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Best Poem of Thomas McGrath

Such Simple Love

All night long I hear the sleepers toss
Between the darkened window and the wall.
The madman's whimper and the lover's voice,
The worker's whisper and the sick child's call—
Knowing them all

I'd walk a mile, maybe, hearing some cat
Crying its guts out, to throttle it by hand,
Such simple love I had. I wished I might—
Or God might—answer each call in person and
Each poor demand.

Well, I'd have been better off sleeping myself.
These fancies had some sentimental charm,
But love without direction is a cheap blanket
And even if it did no one any ...

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All the Dead Soldiers

In the chill rains of the early winter I hear something—
A puling anger, a cold wind stiffened by flying bone—
Out of the north ...
and remember, then, what's up there:
That ghost-bank: home: Amchitka: boot hill ....

They must be very tired, those ghosts; no flesh sustains them
And the bones rust in the rain.
Reluctant to go into the earth

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