Thomas Parnell

(1679 - 1718 / Ireland)

Thomas Parnell Poems

1. 51 Psalm 4/17/2010
2. A Beavy Of The Fair & Gay 4/17/2010
3. A Desire To Praise 4/17/2010
4. A Divine Pastorall 4/17/2010
5. A Dream 4/17/2010
6. A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style 4/17/2010
7. A Hymn For Evening 1/3/2003
8. A Hymn For Morning 1/3/2003
9. A Hymn For Noon 1/3/2003
10. A Hymn To Contentment 1/3/2003
11. A Hymn To Contentment 4/17/2010
12. A Impromptu Like Martial 4/17/2010
13. A Night-Piece On Death 1/3/2003
14. A Parody Of Donec Gratus Eram In A Dialogue Between M--- & His Wife 4/17/2010
15. A Riddle 4/17/2010
16. A Song 4/17/2010
17. A Tavern Feast 4/17/2010
18. After The French Manner 4/17/2010
19. An Allegory On Man 4/17/2010
20. An Eclogue 4/17/2010
21. An Elegy, To An Old Beauty 1/3/2003
22. An Epitaph Desird On One Wheeler 4/17/2010
23. An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry 4/17/2010
24. An Imitation Of Some French Verses 4/17/2010
25. Anacreontick I 4/17/2010
26. Anacreontick Ii 4/17/2010
27. As Celia With Her Sparrow Playd 4/17/2010
28. Bacchus: Or, The Vines Of Lesbos 4/17/2010
29. By Simon Vallambert. Erasmus 4/17/2010
30. Caius Rubrius Urbanus Romae In Domo Lud: Matthæi. E Grutero 4/17/2010
31. Chloris Appearing In A Looking Glass 4/17/2010
32. Concerning Resolution 4/17/2010
33. David 4/17/2010
34. Deborah 4/17/2010
35. Dr. Parnel To Dr. Swift, On His Birth-Day, November 30th, Mdccxiii 4/17/2010
36. Epigram 4/17/2010
37. Epigram. On A Ladys Lace Shown For A Favour 4/17/2010
38. For Philip Ridgate Esq. 4/17/2010
39. Fragmentary Ending Of A Poem I 4/17/2010
40. Fragmentary Ending Of A Poem Ii 4/17/2010
Best Poem of Thomas Parnell

A Night-Piece On Death

By the blue taper's trembling light,
No more I waste the wakeful night,
Intent with endless view to pore
The schoolmen and the sages o'er:
Their books from wisdom widely stray,
Or point at best the longest way.
I'll seek a readier path, and go
Where wisdom's surely taught below.

How deep yon azure dyes the sky!
Where orbs of gold unnumber'd lie,
While through their ranks in silver pride
The nether crescent seems to glide!
The slumb'ring breeze forgets to breathe,
The lake is smooth and clear beneath,
Where once again the spangled show
Descends ...

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A Hymn For Evening

The beam-repelling mists arise,
And evening spreads obscurer skies;
The twilight will the night forerun,
And night itself be soon begun.
Upon thy knees devoutly bow,
And pray the Lord of glory now
To fill thy breast, or deadly sin
May cause a blinder night within.
And whether pleasing vapours rise

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