Thomas Parnell

(1679 - 1718 / Ireland)

Thomas Parnell Poems

41. Prop: 2, L: 11 E: Quicunque &C 4/17/2010
42. Satyr Iv. The Pretty Gentleman 4/17/2010
43. Scriblerian Epigrams 4/17/2010
44. The Convert's Love 4/17/2010
45. The Ecstasy 4/17/2010
46. On Ye Bishop Of Meaths Death 4/17/2010
47. On Mr Colliers Essay On The Stage 4/17/2010
48. To A Young Lady, On Her Translation Of The Story Of Phoebus And Daphne, From Ovid 4/17/2010
49. O Tell If Any Fate You See 4/17/2010
50. Martial 4/17/2010
51. In Biddy's Cheeks Ye Roses Blow 4/17/2010
52. Now Kind Now Coy Wth How Much Change 4/17/2010
53. Thou Gaudy Idle World Adieu 4/17/2010
54. On Mr Pope Drawing D: Swifts Picture 4/17/2010
55. The Flies. An Eclogue. 4/17/2010
56. Dr. Parnel To Dr. Swift, On His Birth-Day, November 30th, Mdccxiii 4/17/2010
57. Fragmentary Ending Of A Poem I 4/17/2010
58. The Happy Man 4/17/2010
59. On A Certain Poets Judgement Between Mr Pope & Mr Philips Don In An Italian Air 4/17/2010
60. The Vigil Of Venus 4/17/2010
61. Song: My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free 4/17/2010
62. The Book-Worm 4/17/2010
63. Song: When Thy Beauty Appears 4/17/2010
64. Satyr I. A Letter To A Friend. On Poets. 4/17/2010
65. Out Of Greek 4/17/2010
66. Love In Disguise 4/17/2010
67. For Philip Ridgate Esq. 4/17/2010
68. Hezekiah 4/17/2010
69. Phillis I Long Yr Powr Have Ownd 4/17/2010
70. On The Trust 4/17/2010
71. Satyr Ii. To T:--- M.---Y. On Law. 4/17/2010
72. Satyr Iii. Virtue 4/17/2010
73. Since Bearing Of A Gentle Mind 4/17/2010
74. The Soul In Sorrow 4/17/2010
75. On Queen Anne's Peace, Anno 1713 4/17/2010
76. Song Ii 4/17/2010
77. On Happiness In This Life 4/17/2010
78. An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry 4/17/2010
79. Ps: 116 4/17/2010
80. On Ye Queens Death 4/17/2010

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Best Poem of Thomas Parnell

A Night-Piece On Death

By the blue taper's trembling light,
No more I waste the wakeful night,
Intent with endless view to pore
The schoolmen and the sages o'er:
Their books from wisdom widely stray,
Or point at best the longest way.
I'll seek a readier path, and go
Where wisdom's surely taught below.

How deep yon azure dyes the sky!
Where orbs of gold unnumber'd lie,
While through their ranks in silver pride
The nether crescent seems to glide!
The slumb'ring breeze forgets to breathe,
The lake is smooth and clear beneath,
Where once again the spangled show
Descends ...

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A Hymn For Evening

The beam-repelling mists arise,
And evening spreads obscurer skies;
The twilight will the night forerun,
And night itself be soon begun.
Upon thy knees devoutly bow,
And pray the Lord of glory now
To fill thy breast, or deadly sin
May cause a blinder night within.
And whether pleasing vapours rise

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