Thomas Parnell

(1679 - 1718 / Ireland)

Thomas Parnell Poems

81. The Horse & Olive Or Warr & Peace 4/17/2010
82. As Celia With Her Sparrow Playd 4/17/2010
83. David 4/17/2010
84. On The Castle Of Dublin, Anno 1715 4/17/2010
85. On The Death Of Mr. Viner 4/17/2010
86. Oft Have I Read That Innocence Retreats 4/17/2010
87. A Hymn To Contentment 4/17/2010
88. Ps 67 4/17/2010
89. On ------ Embroydring 4/17/2010
90. Piety: Or, The Vision 4/17/2010
91. The Third Satire Of Dr. John Donne 4/17/2010
92. A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style 4/17/2010
93. By Simon Vallambert. Erasmus 4/17/2010
94. Anacreontick Ii 4/17/2010
95. A Dream 4/17/2010
96. An Eclogue 4/17/2010
97. Solomon 4/17/2010
98. An Epitaph Desird On One Wheeler 4/17/2010
99. Hesiod: Or, The Rise Of Woman 1/3/2003
100. The Way To Happiness 4/17/2010
101. Once Pope Under Jevais Resolvd To Adventure 4/17/2010
102. A Divine Pastorall 4/17/2010
103. Concerning Resolution 4/17/2010
104. A Tavern Feast 4/17/2010
105. Anacreontick I 4/17/2010
106. Satyr Vi. The Spleen 4/17/2010
107. An Imitation Of Some French Verses 4/17/2010
108. An Allegory On Man 4/17/2010
109. Homer's Battle Of The Frogs And Mice. Book Iii 4/17/2010
110. A Song 4/17/2010
111. A Desire To Praise 4/17/2010
112. Satyr Ix. The State Of Love Imitated Fm An Elegy Of Mons:R Desportes 4/17/2010
113. A Riddle 4/17/2010
114. After The French Manner 4/17/2010
115. A Hymn For Noon 1/3/2003
116. A Parody Of Donec Gratus Eram In A Dialogue Between M--- & His Wife 4/17/2010
117. A Impromptu Like Martial 4/17/2010
118. Satyr V. Verse 4/17/2010
119. A Hymn For Morning 1/3/2003
120. A Hymn For Evening 1/3/2003

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Best Poem of Thomas Parnell

A Night-Piece On Death

By the blue taper's trembling light,
No more I waste the wakeful night,
Intent with endless view to pore
The schoolmen and the sages o'er:
Their books from wisdom widely stray,
Or point at best the longest way.
I'll seek a readier path, and go
Where wisdom's surely taught below.

How deep yon azure dyes the sky!
Where orbs of gold unnumber'd lie,
While through their ranks in silver pride
The nether crescent seems to glide!
The slumb'ring breeze forgets to breathe,
The lake is smooth and clear beneath,
Where once again the spangled show
Descends ...

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A Hymn To Contentment

Lovely, lasting peace of mind!
Sweet delight of human-kind!
Heavenly-born, and bred on high,
To crown the fav'rites of the sky
With more of happiness below,
Than victors in a triumph know!
Whither, O whither art thou fled,
To lay thy meek, contented head;
What happy region dost thou please

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