Thomas Peterson

Rookie (April 8th,1971 / Coos Bay Oregon)

Biography of Thomas Peterson

Lived in and around Spokane Washington for half of my life, then traveled to Riverside california for a year because I thought I would just travel for a bit. I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia and lived for a year and a half before I met my wife and travelled to Yakima Washington to be with her where I currently reside with her and my two wonderful children. I always thought writing was a good way to express ones self, and I find it the best way to express myself. Poetry is what I feel is my gift to the world. It is my way of offering a part of myself and my thoughts to the world.

Thomas Peterson's Works:

No books published, but have many, many, poems published. In the U.S. and overseas. Updates

God's Blessing

The newborn boy
takes his first breath.
It feels good to live,
escaping from death.

He shivers and shakes,
while being passed 'round
testing his voice,
until Mother is found.

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