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Thomas Vaughan Jones Poems

41. Menagerie De Trois. A Tale Of Tragedy And Star Crossed Lovers 2/10/2014
42. Preferences 2/8/2014
43. The Drunken Spree Of Ritchie Flanagan 2/2/2014
44. A Nonet Sonnet 4/3/2014
45. Satanic Verse 4/19/2014
46. Irreverence 4/9/2014
47. Poetry Is- - - 4/12/2014
48. The Beginning 7/31/2015
49. Tiger, Tiger, Sparkling Bright. 1/19/2014
50. A Great And Glorious Adventure 1/23/2014
51. The Omen 1/16/2014
52. An Old Man's Sonnet 1/18/2014
53. Kung Hey Fat Choy 2/1/2014
54. Balancing Act 2/5/2014
55. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing 2/14/2014
56. When I Am With You 2/15/2014
57. Too Late 2/12/2014
58. Valentine 2/12/2014
59. Growing Old 3/3/2014
60. Sonnet Fever 2/24/2014
61. After The Grief, The Gratitude 1/17/2014
62. Bukowski, And Me. 1/25/2014
63. Tales From A Passing Cloud 1/26/2014
64. Good Night Jack 3/27/2014
65. Spring Song 2/23/2014
66. Poor Old William (Wordsworth) 2/23/2014
67. Oh! To Be In April! 2/14/2015
68. The Beast 4/15/2014
69. The Leprechauns Lament 1/30/2014
70. Autumnal 1/29/2014
71. After Six Beers 1/16/2014
72. A Chapter Of Accidents 1/16/2014
73. The Last Love Song 1/15/2014
74. I Married A Somnambulist 2/25/2014
75. Leaf Fall 2/20/2014
76. Didactically Firing Blanks 3/4/2014
77. Re-Union 3/9/2014
78. Reflections From An Old Man’s Diary 2/4/2014
79. Attention. Elvis Alert. 2/4/2014
80. A Brief Note For My Surgeons 4/5/2014

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Is There Anybody Out There

Space! The final frontier
where stars are simply signposts to a place,
where, we are told, a paradise awaits.
Open to all who live within God’s grace.

But is He there? That Sentient Entity!
Does He exist? Or is He just asleep?
Does He no longer hold a watchful eye,
or does He take delight when strong men weep?

The World is screaming, torn by war and blight.
White collared men place all the blame on Man,
for God is Love, and love is blinding light.
But Love lies bleeding in His Master plan.

Should any say that Man must have his ...

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After Six Beers

I was tired and feeling quite thirsty
so I walked to the nearest bar,
where I met this peculiar woman
who was looking a shade under par.

She approached me and said to me, “Darling,
will you buy me just one little drink? ”
Then she smiled an odd smile, “It will be worth your while”
and she winked a libidinous wink.

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