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41. Loss 5/6/2014
42. Dawn 5/9/2014
43. I Am 5/9/2014
44. Hope From Mortality 5/9/2014
45. Titles For Truth 5/9/2014
46. Dull 5/9/2014
47. Shadows 5/9/2014
48. Apathy 5/9/2014
49. Pulse 5/19/2014
50. Chaos 5/19/2014
51. The Dark 5/19/2014
52. Wrath Of The Fallen 5/19/2014
53. Falling, Falling, Failing 5/19/2014
54. Rhyme 11/2/2012
55. Invasion 11/13/2012
56. Darkness 11/27/2012
57. Blood 11/27/2012
58. Attack 11/27/2012
59. Seduction 11/27/2012
60. Struggle 11/27/2012
61. Illusion 11/27/2012
62. The Aftermath 11/1/2012
63. Conscience 11/1/2012
64. Tarmon Gai'Don 11/1/2012
65. What Is Left 11/27/2012
66. Time 11/2/2012
67. Blood In The Snow 11/1/2012

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Best Poem of Thomas Ware

Blood In The Snow

Flame-hot blood on ice-cold snow,
Vultures caw and ravens crow.
Broken swords among the slaughter,
Hot blood and cold snow make steam and water.
People slosh and trudge through snow,
While scything swords wielded by foes,
Cut men low with fatal blows,
While vultures caw and ravens crow.

Flame-hot blood on ice-cold rocks,
Time slows down and the clock tick-tocks.
Broken swords among the slaughter,
Hot blood and cold rocks make steam and water.
Men swing blades to cleave their skulls,
The enemy fights, and is brutally culled,
We fall down ...

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Tarmon Gai'Don

The lightning fell in bolts and flashes,
Fires burnt the town to ashes,
And who will live to save this place,
Once the base is erased from space?

Children ran, the women cried, the men could only run and hide,
People died.

Soldiers fought, but what against?

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