Thomas William Heney

(1862 - 1928 / Australia)

Biography of Thomas William Heney

Thomas William. Heney, was born in Sydney, in November, 1862;he eldest son of Thomas W. Heney, The young thomas was educated at Cooma. NSW

Thomas Jnr was to become Editor and part proprietor of `Monaro Mercury'. Some time later he began working with the `Sydney Morning Herald' office,in 1878; followed by the `Daily Telegraph', Sydney, in 1884; and then the `Western Grazier', Wilcannia, in 1886; the `Echo', 1889; finally returning to the `Sydney. Morning . Herald',in 1891,whre he later became Editor of the last-named Journal.

His works include:

`Fortunate Days' (Sydney, 1886).
`In Middle Harbour, and other Verse' (London, 1890).

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The Boundary Rider

THE BRIDLE reins hang loose in the hold of his lean left hand;
As the tether gives, the horse bends browsing down to the sand,
On the pommel the right hand rests with a smoking briar black,
Whose thin rings rise and break as he gazes from the track.

Already the sun is aslope, high still in a pale hot sky,
And the afternoon is fierce, in its glare the wide plains lie
Empty as heaven and silent, smit with a vast despair,
The face of a Titan bound, for whom i

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