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Just found out a month ago that I have a talent/gift, for expressing all emotions/feelings energy maybe?
call it what you like but all of a sudden I cnat help rhyming..
I know its a bit odd but it happens..
And there not like your ordinary rhymes eg, mary had a little lamb...
I can have a full conversation with someone using rhymes..
Werid Huh?
Anyway its nice to hear feed back..
positive and negative just dont be to harsh on the simple spelling or grammer errors.
Thanks for reading

Thomsen Moore keeping it real and raw straight from the lions jaws, I ROAR<<<<

Thomsen Jacob GabrielMoore's Works:


None at the moment.....

But definately keen! Updates

Being Gay

I choke ryhmes Im undefined, no kind like mine, im inclined to
Stand tall and be around, no one can commpell, me to slip and fail,
True colours on the table, no more playing im just not able? .
Maybe theres another way which one you say?
The one whom i call thee, the theif deciever, lier, missleader,
not worthy of believing, your words have no meaning,
I AM loved abundently, breeding feelings, that surrounds me, inclines me to be free and set sea, to meet thee on eves spring,
Yes i

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