Tiffany Baldwin

Rookie (11-12-1977 / Arlington Heights, IL)

Biography of Tiffany Baldwin

I have always been known as an emotional roller coaster. I needed to find an outlet to my emotions that did not involve breaking glass or new drywall. Over the past few months I have realized what the power of writing can do for me! I have learned that when I have so many thoughts and feelings building up inside of me, when I feel like I just need to explode, all I've got to do is grab a pen and go. I write. I take those feelings and let them pour out of my words. As I write those built up emotions get released, like an almost overflowing bathtub and then the plug is pulled so it can drain. Throwing or hitting something only pulled my plug for a moment and then it was shoved back in and not too long before I felt the urge of breaking again. Writing is like pulling the plug but then holding that plug out of the drain until I decide its at the level I need it to be. Writing can be as exhausting as a marathon to me! Every single word that comes out of me in writing is felt, learned from and preserved. My hopes for putting all of my emotions into a book are very simple. I am human, just like I hope anyone who listens to or reads this book will be. I have been told that I am really good at taking my emotions and explaining how they feel with words. Whether it is just to have someone to relate with and have someone be able to say, 'I've been there before! '. Or, being one of those people who have so much inside them but they don't know how to talk about or express it. Just having them be able to read one of the poems and know exactly what they are feeling because someone decided to put their feelings into words. To let someone know that they are not alone. Maybe, just maybe, in some small way, This book will help me realize that I'm not alone Updates

On The Inside

My mind drifts deeper into a place distant and safe,

I've been through so much emotionally lately I feel like my soul is starting to chafe.

I want to stop the world from turning, make the feelings and noise stop,

Imagine a moment which is care free, where I am running in between the rain drops.

This life has had challenges in so many ways,

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