tiffany fawcett

Rookie (not yet / St. Joesopehs Hospital)

tiffany fawcett Poems

1. The Crash 3/25/2009
2. I Believe. 3/30/2009
3. My Mom. (From Her Perspective) 3/30/2009
4. Melony 4/15/2009
5. Would You? 5/2/2009
6. Stained Soul-Mates 5/12/2009
7. Happy Ending 6/9/2009
8. What Happened? 6/9/2009
9. Happiness 6/18/2009
10. Pefection 6/26/2009
11. The Tale Of Shalie 6/6/2009
12. Baby Its You 6/9/2009
13. Still Beautiful 4/25/2009
14. The Depressed. 3/30/2009
15. Me. 3/30/2009
16. Innocence & Madness 3/10/2009
17. Stranger 3/11/2009
18. Never Say Never 3/19/2009
19. Tiffany Fawcett. 3/30/2009
20. Do You Believe In God? 5/13/2009
21. Oh My, Oh Mother 3/21/2009
22. Listen 3/23/2009
23. Silence 3/10/2009
24. I'Ll Never Say I Love You Too 3/25/2009
25. Soulmate 4/25/2009
26. Anger 3/10/2009
Best Poem of tiffany fawcett


I keep it all inside
I keep it close to my side
For If I lose it all
Heaven knows I'll die

I let it go
I breathe it in
It keeps coming back
For it is my sin

It's burned in me
It haunts me day & night
Carved into my core
It is my only sight

It's the only thing I know
It's all that is me
It's the only emotion I show
I wish I could be free


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Innocence & Madness

-Innocence & Madness-

Innocence written in warm blood on the cold tile floor of the bleach white bathroom.
The girl sat, hunched over,
Rubbing at the rich red stain in haste,
Rocking back and forth as if the white walls were padded.
The long sleeves of her white shirt tied behind her back.
Her hands trembled,
Like an old wrinkled red leaf on an oak tree.

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