Tiffany Green

Rookie (Dec,9,1987 / Newport Tennessee)

Biography of Tiffany Green

Im 18 years old and i been writing poety since i was 14. i have had a very Rough life and i wish i could take some stuff i did back but hey life doesnt rewind you just need to catch a grip and go with the flow but never regret growing older its a privledge denied by many! Think about it!

Tiffany Green's Works:

I never Published a book..But Im working on one at the time. Updates

Broken Mirror

My reflection stares back from the broken mirror
Distorted pieces staring from shards of broken mirror

Wondering where these false images come from
I’ve lost myself deeply inside this broken mirror

Disillusioned with myself, finally seeing the truth
That hides within shattered images of broken mirror

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