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I've been told I'm mature for my age, but I disagree. I'm a 10th grader. I fall asleep with my zombie monkey plushie every night (I named him Paul after the 3-eyed monkey at the end of every Jimmy Neutron episode ^_^) . I'm an optimistic, open-minded goofball, who's random and forgetful, but very spiritual. Who has been engaged to a pink balloon named Henrietta. Who doesn't like to wear shoes. Who eats constantly. Who wears dark colors. Who has 5 different favorite colors (purple, blue, silver, black, and red) . Who has a nose ring, and wants purple hair and a motorcycle. Who writes song lyrics, but can't sing well at all. Who constantly projects music into our atmosphere. Who Who changes her handwriting when she feels like it doesn't reflect her personality anymore. Who prefers silver to gold. Who loves dragons, wolves, angel wings, and roses. Who thrives when consumed by the tranquil darkness of the night. Who stares at the stars in absolute wonder. Who cannot fathom how anyone could want to create harm for any creature. Who prefers to forgive but never forget. Who hates people denying their pasts (because it's part of the complicated process that has forged the person with it) . Who loves history. Who is a proud bookworm! ^_^ Who loves writing stories in all sorts of forms (poetry, songs, short stories and sketches.) Who reads or writes deep into the night. Who loves Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edgar Allen Poe. Who is an Oxfordian-Theory believer on the Shakespearean Authorship Debate. C: Who loves swimming and archery. Who wants to learn to speak 6 more languages and 5 instruments. Who is ambitious. Who submerges herself in culture. Who is currently unlocking the secrets of the Chinese language. Who can't wait to understand and help the world. Who isn't sure how she will. Who has done 3 charity walks (Walk for MS, March of Dimes, Walk of Hope) . Who wants to aid suicide prevention (because she knows how it feels to wish for an end) and environmental awareness. Who has many goals and ambitions, but knows she has a lifetime to fulfill them. Who appreciates and respects the little things, because at one point that was all she had to ease the pain...... Wait! I got off topic! x3 So anyway... I don't think I'm mature for my age.... xD Care to challenge my claim? Updates

Still In Love

My head says get away from me,
You've caused just too much pain.

But my heart's still clingin' to the past;
Just can't let you go.

And now I'm just too confused,
About what I need to do!

Cuz even after all you've done to me..
I'm still in love with you <3

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