Tiffany Saxon

Rookie - 377 Points (12-07-1967 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Tiffany Saxon Quotes

  • '''I'm tired of those who continue to play the trick or treat game'... Those who take you for granted and think you don't know better. (trick) and then turn everything around like they've done nothing and continue to play the same game over and over again...thinking that they've gotten away with the bull they continue to repeat (treat) until one day you get tired of their bullshit and walk away leaving them wondering 'What did i do? '...Until karma smacks them in the face with their own game... just to realize that they won nothing in the end but learned that a trick is just a trick.''
    life has taught me a great deal about family and friends. Everyone who's suppose to be family ain't and those who's suppose to be your friends (not all) is only your friend when it's convenient.
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Appreciated Gift

I come to you from the land.
Making tribute to Cleveland's finest
With appreciation, love and kindness.
Red hats and associates
In black, race to horrific scenes
In rescue of fellow human beings.
Shadows with badges
Fighting off bastards and backlashes
Cashes in on credentials and masters,

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