tiffany stevenson

Rookie (03/03/1990 / kennett missouri)

Biography of tiffany stevenson

I've been singing every since i can remember. When i was younger, i would always pretend like i was on a microphone singing in front of all my friends and family. Times got hard. I was in many different foster homes along with my other four sisters. I was in a near fatal car accident when i was just two years old which left a scar on my forehead. I got adopted when i was ten years old to the Shurn family in which i feel truely blessed to be in their presence. Im a singer/songwriter of my own music and hopefully one day i will become discovered through what i really want to do in my life. Most of my poems are really fit for my singing lyrics because that's what i do and i want my music to show through my poems. Updates

So Cruel

Agree or's all up to me
You had your fair share of being abusive
I took all the hits and all the bruises from you
All the pain and sorrow i didn't even have to go through
My mom always told be careful for what you do
Because if you don't pay attention your whole life will shatter you
I should have tooken the step and left you a long time ago
But for staying, you left the marks on me for all of them to show
I loved you...i really loved you

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