Tiffany Tinker

Rookie (6/13/96 / GOD SAMERITIAN)

Biography of Tiffany Tinker

i am 13 years old and i have 3 brothers ryan, brian, and timmy
i live with my oldest brother rryan his girlfriend and their 2 kids emerald and avah i love them little girls they are my favrite toddlers but anyway back to e i jhus turned 13 on saturday i was so geeked well thats all you need to know about e for now...

Tiffany Tinker's Works:

i havent published any books yet Updates


some friends are good
some friends are bad
some friends got your back
some friends bail on you

i can admit that i have good friends
the kind that dont bail on me
the kind that got mii back
thru- good or bad mad and sad

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