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I've only recently started expressing myself through poetry and so far I LOVE IT! It's putting exactly whatever I want or sometimes NEED to say in words that people find beautiful, inspiring, and even honest. When I write poetry I feel like I don't have to worry about people jugding me because they may apply my poetry in a diffrent way then in which it was written. A thousand different emotions and things usually run through me and my mind at all times, but its only when i'm writing poetry that these things slow down enough for me to make a poem out of them. Besides that my favorite flower is the Tiger Lily! (hence my name) Its such a beautiful flower and from what i've read about it, it's a wild flower, meaning it only really grows in the wild and to me there's just something so amazing about not being able to tame such a beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors. In a lot of ways, I like to think of my self as a Tiger Lily. Strong yet fragile to the touch, wild yet some people can tame me, and a person who has a personality that alot of people would call colorful.

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When people speak of memories they say the good usually outshines the bad, unfortunately thats not true in my case and it's actually pretty sad

We're suppose to be different but all we are, are hypocrites, I could write down every bad memory you've caused me, but I'd end up with way too long of a list

There were nights of screaming and shouting and nights where we all caused each other pain, there were nights when not one of us didn't go to bed feeling ashamed

There were nights when I w

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