Tiger Lily Love

Tiger Lily Love Poems

1. Forever A Friend 7/29/2012
2. Pushed One Time To Many 9/14/2012
3. Picking My Poison 8/21/2012
4. A Want & A Need 11/29/2012
5. A Story Yet To Be Told 11/29/2012
6. My Life In Moments 12/12/2012
7. Past Meets Present 1/19/2013
8. Being A Rebel 1/19/2013
9. A Summer Of Deceit 1/21/2013
10. The Silent Killers 1/21/2013
11. Poison 1/21/2013
12. A Broken Mirror 1/24/2013
13. The Day It Rained 1/24/2013
14. Roadblock 5/20/2013
15. Confession 5/20/2013
16. Memory Lane 5/20/2013
17. Free Falling 6/16/2013
18. I Remember (A Smile) 5/20/2013
19. For The Best 12/16/2012
20. The Thought Of You 9/14/2012
21. Eternal Freedom 7/13/2012
22. Sweet Sin? 10/6/2012
23. A Cold Rainy Day 1/19/2013
24. How? 1/12/2013
25. Being With Him 1/19/2013
26. The Stuff Of My Dreams 12/16/2012
27. Rescuing Me 5/20/2013
28. My Last Breath 11/13/2012
29. Confused 11/15/2012
30. A Beautiful Bittersweet Memory 11/29/2012
31. My Life (A Painting) 12/12/2012
32. Wasted Tears 11/29/2012
33. Forgetting About You 7/13/2012
34. Memories 7/15/2012
35. Green Eyes 8/10/2012
36. Fake Forgiveness 8/22/2012
37. Our History's Start 11/30/2012
38. In Too Deep 12/16/2012
39. Playing With Fire 11/15/2012
40. A Day Of Despair 1/21/2013

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  • Shanondoa Dardenne (3/19/2016 2:47:00 AM)

    I love your poems some hit home for me..

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Best Poem of Tiger Lily Love

When You Want Something You Can'T Have

I can still remember all the pain that I felt, I can't believe that back then the thought of you, or sound of your voice could make me melt

I can still remember all the pain that you caused and how in the end my heart was the one shattered in pieces on the floor, but what I can't believe is that after all that I just wanted you more

It was like I was the stupid moth to your flame, and in the end I got burned and have only myself to blame, I knew I couldn't have you but that didn't stop me from wanting you, I guess I hoped maybe deep down inside you wanted me too

I knew ...

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Forgetting About You

I always thought I could do anything I put my mind to, but back then it didn't seem to be true, because the one thing I could never do was truly forget about you

I knew nothing could happen, I knew our love was forbidden but back then I was so young and naive I couldn't help but be smitten

Now a days I think about what could've been and what I sometimes still want to be, but I know I'm not fooling anyone not even myself you see, because there never really was a YOU AND ME

There were day

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