Tigest Samuel (TG)

Rookie (22/08/1975 / Lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa))

Tigest Samuel (TG) Poems

1. When I Am Gone (Eulogy) 3/31/2011
2. Unchained Mind 3/31/2011
3. Your Love...My Sanity 3/31/2011
4. Golden Heart 3/31/2011
5. No..Heaven...No 3/31/2011
6. Hypocrite 3/31/2011
7. The Blood Of The Altar Boy 3/31/2011
8. To Dad 3/31/2011
9. Just Believe 3/31/2011
10. The Buzz Of My Refrigerator 3/31/2011
11. Home Sweet Home 3/31/2011
12. Homeless 3/31/2011
13. Oh Brother Of Mine 3/31/2011
14. Plastic Nation 3/31/2011
15. In Your Eyes 3/31/2011
16. Let It Be 3/31/2011
17. You And God 3/31/2011
18. Killing Me With His Pen 3/31/2011
19. Seventh Heaven 3/31/2011
20. Beloved 3/31/2011
21. Memory 3/31/2011
22. Absence 3/31/2011
23. The Song Of The Mistress 3/31/2011
24. Love Is Us 3/31/2011
25. He Is The One (Taboo Love) 3/31/2011
26. Alpha Male 3/31/2011
27. Waiting 3/31/2011
28. Wet Dreams 3/31/2011
29. Beautiful Ghost 3/31/2011
30. Motherless Child 3/31/2011

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Best Poem of Tigest Samuel (TG)

Motherless Child

I am a motherless child
The discarded
I, many times entreated
And argued....
With my own God
Even a Hen builds a nest
A safest place
To lay her eggs
And faithfully sits on it
Until it hatches
Under her wings
My loving God,
Why am I subjected to rejection?
Am I not worthy of her affection?
Or am I just less than,
The mere egg of a common Hen?

My infamous mother
When she pulled the trigger
She aimed it right at my heart
The bullet of abandonment
A sharp pang through my vein
A stab of eternal...

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Golden Heart

He wears his heart on his sleeves
Do not hurt him unaware
He puts it on a platter
Like John the Baptist’s head
When you see the swollen veins
Do not burn it as a corpse
It has life as much as yours
Beats and dances with such grace
If you spot and see the rust

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