Tim Benton

Rookie (6/17/1962 / Puyullup, Washington)

Biography of Tim Benton

Tim Benton poet

Born in Washington but raised in Wisconsin, Tim Benton was the fourth child to be born into a rather large family of eleven children. As a preacher’s son, Tim of course went the way of most preachers’ kids and was as wild as the day is long.
After all he has done and been through including running from himself, God, and the law, he’d finally came to a point in his life where he learned that the only way to find true happiness was to look up above for salvation.
He now lives happily with his family in Wisconsin.
You will find within his book the unique outlook that comes from someone that has tried out what the world has to offer, and found it all lacking! You will also find how he has finally found hope and happiness through the message that he is sharing and delivering.
“Conversations with an Angel: The Watchers” is the first book of a trilogy to come out.
Look forward to the near future for the next book “Conversations with an Angel: The Captains” to come out along with other writings from Tim Benton.

Tim Benton's Works:

Conversations with an Angel: The Watchers

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The Beginning

Out of the mist a voice spoke with a roar as thunder,
Sunlight broke out, causing the darkness to break asunder.
One saw a planet that was covered with mist, without a form,
Yet with one word the mist was torn away, as if by a storm.

You could hear water roar as land rose up out of the deep,
Then the land spit as mountains grew, as if with a great leap.
With a melody, the plants grew causing the land to turn green,
Oh the beauty of creation, yet never by man to be seen.

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