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It was certainly a new experience for me when I first started writing Poetry. I remember my father Fred Kitchen had written numerous poems, so maybe it’s in my genes. I certainly was not a person who appreciated poetry at all, to be honest. However, I do take a lot of pleasure from listening to and reading the lyrics of songs. I will never be a Wordsworth or a Taupin but none of us should be afraid of just being ourselves and doing things our own way. I think this love of lyrics has influenced my preference for rhyme.

Although I didn’t actually start writing poetry until well into middle age, it has certainly given me a fulfilment I would never have thought possible. My inspiration comes from a variety of directions but it would be wrong of me to offer too much explanation. I believe people read a poem or listen to the words of a song and relate to it in their own way.

My poems had not been read outside of my own family and I thought they might not be good enough to be honest, for me to go public with them. But I took the plunge and decided to go public via the internet. My wife had shown me an advert in a local paper for submissions to an online poetry magazine. It resulted in two of my poems being published and me receiving some confidence boosting encouragement. Making me realize my poems might actually be worth reading. So I started using poetry websites and at last I’m being read and accepted as a poet. At the same time I’m now enjoying poetry written by other like minded people.


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Loving You

When I woke up this morning and I saw you lying there
with the sunlight through the curtains shining in your hair.
I looked at you lovingly, while you lay asleep
then leaned over to kiss you, gently on your cheek.

We sat together at the breakfast table, with talk of the day ahead
as always you had something to say, to help me clear my head.
The phone rang, one of the children, needing you again
you patiently talked and listened to her, taking away her pain.

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