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Tim was born with a natural talent for various art media such as painting, prose, poetry and music.

Unique life experiences and struggles have provided Tim with numerous stories and a perspective, observed by a thought-filled, truly modern day renaissance man.

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22 January 2022

I was nothing. I came from dirt. And from that dirt, I flourished.

22 January 2022

You can't backtrack on the footprints you leave behind. You can only create new ones moving forward.

22 January 2022

Hardship came too easy. I enjoyed the brutality, along with its pain.

22 January 2022

Even in the sub-zero depths of a frigid winter, warm blood still circulates within us.

22 January 2022

Laborer's sweat requires more than respect and gratitude. It requires just and fair wages, along with free healthcare.

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Prabir Gayen 13 December 2018

You are a strong poet with right vision....

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Nathan Coppedge 11 May 2014

Your poem innocence has a rare accomplished quality. I thought that was worth posting here. Unlike some writers, I have actually taken a class in poetry, and I know it is sometimes hard. It may be hard even to find themes which are not too dark. And even when they are dark, sometimes that's what's worth fighting for...

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The Best Poem Of Tim Labbe

Beat Yesterday


Beat yesterday.

That's all.

The comfort of
misery comes

It skids over cold
with the garbage

It hides in the
humming and buzzing

It hunches
over the
neighborhood bar,
clenching a bottle

It makes suicide
seem almost easy

But you must Beat it.

Beat yesterday.

That's all.

Pound it to the ground.
Crush in into oblivion,
‘til your knuckles are
raw and bloodied.

And if you're lucky
enough to awaken,
battered and bruised,
you must try again.
Never, ever quit.

It's too important not to.

The comfort of
misery comes easy.

Too easy for most.

Most are
too soft.

Tim Labbe

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Tim Labbe Popularity

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