Timmy Tubbs

Rookie (Jan 14,1983 / Vancouver, WA)

Timmy Tubbs Poems

1. Where Passion Hides Away 1/10/2008
2. It's Time To Wake Up 2/7/2008
3. Asking To Remain Shy 2/17/2008
4. Damaged 2/25/2008
5. Caterpillar Tracks 12/21/2005
6. Sailing 1/4/2006
7. Pacific Swallows 1/9/2006
8. Black Roads 1/16/2006
9. Where The Stars Awaken From 1/17/2006
10. Breaths Of Slow And Heavy 1/25/2006
11. Tiers Of You 1/29/2006
12. Strings To Hold Shape Of Wounds 1/29/2006
13. Sinking An Axe In Wooden Fate 2/12/2006
14. When Life Calls Its Bluff 2/12/2006
15. Thank You 2/12/2006
16. What Your Sun Reflects 2/14/2006
17. Broken Legs Fell 2/14/2006
18. Spin You 2/15/2006
19. Turning Colored Pages 2/15/2006
20. There Is A Game She Plays 2/21/2006
21. Heroes To Death 2/21/2006
22. Innate To Me 2/21/2006
23. Suitcase Words 2/21/2006
24. Your Rock 2/21/2006
25. Above The White 2/24/2006
26. Ears Fogged Of Lies 2/24/2006
27. One Secret Passage 2/24/2006
28. Mine To Keep 2/24/2006
29. Thirteenth Floor 2/24/2006
30. My Coffee Stain 2/25/2006
31. Ignorant Words 2/25/2006
32. Red 2/25/2006
33. Heavy Water 12/4/2005
34. Your Trials 12/4/2005
35. Blurry 12/4/2005
36. Twenty Two 12/4/2005
37. Sweet Talker 12/5/2005
38. Words 12/5/2005
39. Of Those Times 12/5/2005
40. Lying In The Sunny Spots Of Your Carpet 12/4/2005

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Best Poem of Timmy Tubbs

Comfortable In Shoes

Comfortable In Shoes

They walk through garbage sniffing for rice
Their black bare feet are leather now under their scorching sun
And they all know each other’s destiny

And we sit here falling over a five-year flame
My puddle reflecting all my shame
And yours of yourself
We are all so selfish

I regret what they will never feel or have dreams of feeling
Their love is absolute
Theirs let me wonder of mine
They are fearless
They all can’t escape the AK-47
And that they know
But they continue to eat and smile and laugh; they hold on
Mothers ...

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Heavy Water

Seems you have cut me off and tied yourself near our docks
You will bleed and watch your disease float away
Twist your tourniquet to the ticks of your fucking gorgeous clocks
Get off your knees and stop your sobbing child
Just walk away. Just walk away

Oh, is it that hard to jog me out of your head
Let me help you dear. Here are some good lies.
I met another woman, and we already tussled in her bed.

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