Timothy Faboade

Veteran Poet - 1,330 Points [Fabs] (Gbongan)

Timothy Faboade Quotes

  • ''Things should not be judged based on people's opinions, but they should be by the things themselves.''
    False judgment
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  • ''Gambling and betting are a manifestation of human avarice for wealth.''
  • ''The source of wealth determines its longevity.''
  • ''Individual's life can be likened to a horse running on its own. The day it has another one running ahead of it and it attempts to either overtake or maintain the pace shoulder-to-shoulder with the second horse, it will be prone to accidents and dangers.''

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Forgotten Shrine


Behold the besieged raffia falling,
The feeble walls bowing to winds
And their invaluable mural fading
Like wafts in the whistling wind,
The contemptuous sun scornfully patters
Against the god's scurvy head,
Thorns, termites, conspicuously compete

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