Timothy Hector

Rookie (03/09/1990 / Australia)

Timothy Hector Poems

1. Return To Us 6/30/2009
2. Regrets 7/14/2009
3. Make It Through 7/14/2009
4. Taz Or Tre' 7/14/2009
5. Three Little Words 7/29/2009
6. First Kiss 7/29/2009
7. Broken 11/25/2009
8. Don'T Want To Leave 11/26/2009
9. Patience 6/30/2009
10. Choices 7/1/2009
11. House Of Cards 7/14/2009
12. You Will Never Know 7/25/2009
13. For Better Or Worse 6/30/2009
14. Wondering 6/30/2009
15. Dead End Road 7/25/2009
16. Questions 7/14/2009
17. No Words 7/14/2009
18. The Way It Is 6/29/2009
19. Destiny 6/29/2009
20. All For You 6/29/2009
21. Breaking Me Down 6/29/2009
Best Poem of Timothy Hector

Breaking Me Down

You brought me down, broke all my walls
all my worries seemed so small
because when you are near
i forget all my fears

friends are suppose to help each other
so why should i have to cover
all the things i feel for you
when i'm sure you feel it to

life is a mess, or so they say
i will be glad when i find the day
thats everything makes sense to me
my head is a mess, literally

i open up bit, by bit
the words sit on the edge of, my lips
i just cant bring myself to say
all the things that made me this way

but slowly i'll make it ...

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The Way It Is

Its 2 am and I can't sleep
for the 4th time in a week
it goes in circles round and round
for the right answer can't be found

The trials of life the ups, the downs
confuse me so, all i hear is the sound
of that sweet voice deep in my head
saying those words i wish you'd said

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