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Age: 20
Gender: female
The reason i write poems is because i have so much emotions built up inside me that this is the only way to get them out. to me when people say they cant write poetry i just say that everyone is a poet its just their poet is hiding deep inside you. i grew up in a very small town in oregon the town was called Umattila and everyone hated me their. but when i am on here i can be free and just be myself and do one of the things that i love the most and that is writing poetry. some of teh words that i write capture people into reading it more but with these poems i know what to expect cause without my poetry i would be a bloody rotten mess.

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rewriting it

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Using Me

Using me
You made me bleed
I confessed my love to you
And you buried me
Using me

Using me
Was your loving quarrel
No fait in you

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