Tina Dang

Rookie (August 31 / Province In Canada)

Biography of Tina Dang

I'm just an ordinary person who happens to enjoy reading, writing poetry. I love the arts. I don't claim to be a poet, because having my words rhyme does not neccessarily mean that it's a poem. But what I do know is everything that i've written has been from mine and people in my life's personal experiences. Every ink stain on paper, napkins, written surfaces are words and expressions which all comes from my heart. I find inspiration everywhere I go, and in everyone I meet and see. I apologize for my grammar ahead of time.Hopefully, my readers are able to understand and relate to some if not all of my poems.Enjoy!


So many words left unsaid,
As thoughts of you run through my head.
Not being able to tell you how i feel is a dread,
I hate having to leave you hanging by a thread.

I try my best to find the courage and power,
Rehearsing verses and lines hour after hour.

As I wait longer the atmosphere gets colder,

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