Tinashe Chimuriwo

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Biography of Tinashe Chimuriwo

Tinashe Chimuriwo born in 1985 in Chimuriwo Village, Tandi area in Rusape is a motivational speaker, poet and author. He loves writing and he writes books, short stories, poems, quotes amoung other writings.

Tinashe loves to talk about success and believes that nothing is impossible before God.

He also loves to see children happy which led him into founding Child Kingdom, a social organisation focused on the welfare of orpans in Zimbabwe.

> Can follow him on his facebook page: Tinashe Chief Chimuriwo

Tinashe Chimuriwo's Works:


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No no no no!
It can't be you. No!
No! Not you.
How come you? No!

Never be caught in their net,
For like fish they will roast you,
Alive and live. They are merciless,
Their hearts are like hell,
They exude creams of fire,

Nothing else being talked about.
Just HIV and AIDS.
To them say NO!

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