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Tirupathi Chandrupatla Poems

601. Topic For A Poem 4/6/2014
602. Make Your Move 8/4/2014
603. Come Soon For Me 7/1/2014
604. Promise To Be With You (Sonnet) 9/14/2014
605. Poet's Dilemma 4/3/2015
606. Poem Turns Into A Poem 1/24/2015
607. Friends Provide Comfort 5/30/2014
608. Path To Proceed 6/11/2014
609. Poem I Write 6/28/2014
610. You Are My Guide 3/12/2014
611. Garden In Town 3/15/2014
612. Pleasant Presence 2/23/2014
613. Valentine's Day Love 2/12/2014
614. Ray Of Hope 1/11/2014
615. Birth Of A Poem 11/20/2013
616. I'Ll Miss You 11/16/2013
617. Life's A Bubble 12/29/2013
618. Nature's Way 10/11/2013
619. Make Life Meaningful 9/30/2013
620. While Here 8/23/2013
621. Automatic Door 11/15/2012
622. Doubt To Clear 8/5/2013
623. What I Wish To Do 7/25/2013
624. Trying To Remember 5/23/2013
625. Have A Long Life 6/12/2013
626. Painkiller 6/17/2013
627. Bring Our Hope Back 7/23/2016
628. Expectations 12/4/2015
629. New Life 11/26/2015
630. Diwali - Festival Of Lights 11/3/2015
631. Amazing Birds Of Winter 10/29/2015
632. The Right Response 10/1/2015
633. Tide’s Not On Our Side 10/10/2015
634. A World Of Success 10/27/2015
635. Smile My Friend 10/19/2015
636. Physical Therapist 9/23/2015
637. Thoughts And Future 9/4/2015
638. Wonderful World 8/30/2015
639. Nature's Variety 8/7/2015
640. Time To Reminisce And Rise 7/10/2015

Comments about Tirupathi Chandrupatla

  • Geetha Jayakumar Geetha Jayakumar (12/22/2013 1:59:00 PM)

    Poet Tirupathi Chandrupatia, one of the Respected and Talented poet.
    My words would be few or may not be sufficient enough
    to write a few lines on you and your poems.
    Your poems flows freely on variety of topics.
    It's really a valuable gift you are blessed with.
    Your many comments has inspired my writings.
    As you said in poets page is very true..
    Your comments are a source of encouragement to me
    Really it motivates one to write and to know how much readers liked it.
    Thank you supporting me in this journey of poems.
    May you keep on contributing valuable poems to the poetic world.
    God Bless!

    24 person liked.
    14 person did not like.
  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (9/8/2013 8:12:00 AM)

    I feel myself too little to write about His Highness the Hon'ble Poet Tiruathi Chandrupatla. It is just like to show torch to sun. His diversities in complex of writing is unique with softness and serenity of feelings and expression is liturgic. Being a professor of engineering instrument he keeps his pace with that of natural feelings and count the cosmic rays emitting from each partcle of creation. May be he is late for PH but within a short span he has touched the horizone of poetry. i wish and pray for his long and outstanding contribution for the poetry world.
    with warm regards
    ramesh rai

  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (9/3/2013 11:54:00 AM)

    Mr.Tirupathy Chandrupatla...I am delighted and privileged to write a few words about your art of poetry now when you have reached at a place which is truly earned by your human and humane compositions, i mean what you write is all about life, norms and nice human bondings. Good Poetry is rightly taken as a pulpit for those who know how to use it, as you have done it. It has always been a great reading experience whenever i visited your poetry page. The variety of topics in a deep though simple poetic style is your marked feature...i congratulate you on the completion of 200 worth-reading poems, and the ranks. Keep writing for humanity and peace-process in the world.regards, Shahzia

  • Patricia Grantham Patricia Grantham (8/21/2013 12:31:00 PM)

    Tirupathi Chandruptia is an excellent Poet of the greatest caliber. I have been truly inspired
    by his poetry. Words can never express how wonderful he has written the variety of poems
    so carefully, free flowing and oh so very thoughtfully. Many thanks to PH for allowing such an
    illustrious and versatile writer to be amongst us.

  • Ann Nixon (11/12/2012 8:34:00 AM)

    I like your poem our mission. It has a lot of creative literary to it.

Best Poem of Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Time Knows Time

Time flows
Like the perennial river
Time rides the crest
Of a wave in the sea
Time's space
Its fourth dimension
Time's elastic
Keeps on bouncing
Time's a sponge
Absorbs all spills
Time sleeps
Time wakes up
Time walks
Time runs
Time races
Time stands still
Time flies fast
Time has past
Time has future
Time never stays in the present
Time creeps
Time ticks
Time tricks
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Time's night
Time's day
Time's dark
Time's bright
Time's heavy
Time's light
Time's easy
Time's ...

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When will this world be free
From the talons of terrorism?
When will all decree
Equality of every organism?

Every move of the ordinary
Set in fear of Homosapiens...
A jungle's full of harmony
Have animals bettered the humans?

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