Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Tirupathi Chandrupatla Poems

681. Fearless Poet 11/6/2013
682. Hour Of Need 9/12/2014
683. New Day Hope 9/20/2013
684. A Wish 11/8/2012
685. Keep Nature's Beauty 7/27/2016
686. In Your Praise 7/30/2016
687. Light Casts A Shadow 5/11/2013
688. Dance And Music 6/15/2014
689. When I'M Gone 8/8/2014
690. Celestial Dance 11/8/2013
691. Time's Come 6/24/2013
692. Artist In Me 1/26/2014
693. Poem's A Poem 7/11/2013
694. World Poetry Day 3/21/2015
695. War's Never Kind 9/11/2014
696. My Love's True 2/2/2014
697. Who’s Stupid? 8/30/2013
698. Timeless Poems 7/12/2014
699. Keeping Pace With Time 3/24/2015
700. Show Me The Path 7/15/2013
701. Good Perspective 8/1/2013
702. Sweet'Re The Dreams 8/11/2013
703. Charms Of Love 11/26/2013
704. Almighty 7/8/2013
705. Time Knows Time 6/19/2013
Best Poem of Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Time Knows Time

Time flows
Like the perennial river
Time rides the crest
Of a wave in the sea
Time's space
Its fourth dimension
Time's elastic
Keeps on bouncing
Time's a sponge
Absorbs all spills
Time sleeps
Time wakes up
Time walks
Time runs
Time races
Time stands still
Time flies fast
Time has past
Time has future
Time never stays in the present
Time creeps
Time ticks
Time tricks
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Time's night
Time's day
Time's dark
Time's bright
Time's heavy
Time's light
Time's easy
Time's ...

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A thin flat pane
Of unblemished glass
And a reflecting plane
Of sputtered aluminum…
Mirror …amazing mirror
A symbol of fashion
Image of civilization
Right turned left
Again reflect

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